Moviegalaxies is a tool to explore the data of your favorite movies. We are the largest database for social networks in movies, applying a variety of methods to analyze and visualize movie scripts.

Developed with Michael Schober, Rajmond Albajeda, Oleksandr Zastupailo.

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Share news and information more effectively in research groups. ScholarFlock is an open-source tool for researchers, built upon the idea of Reddit and HackerNews.

Developed with Oleksandr Zastupailo

Closed Beta, request access

Innovation Space

The Innovation Space has been developed to echo the growing interest in high quality data and visualizations on geography of innovation. The project aims at analyzing crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter, to investigate the creative capacity of cities at large scale.

Developed with Oleksandr Zastupailo, Cesar Hidalgo and Christian Hopp.

Closed Beta, request access


The CrowdfundingGlobe is a simple WebGL experiment on visualizing aggregate crowdfunding investments in 3D.

Developed with Oleksandr Zastupailo

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