I am lucky to have speaking experiences in both academia and industry. Besides research presentations at academic conferences, I also presented at industry gatherings, technology companies, film studios, non-profit, and governmental organizations. Some my work with colleagues has been covered online and in print magazines.

Feel free to contact me for a talk on your wedding ceremony via e-Mail or mobile: +49 (0) 160 9788 6666.


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and A.I. are inseparable topics in the past years. But what does machine learning, really do, what are current trends, and how can we create narrow A.I. sytems to solve tasks? In our work, we apply machine learning for predicting time series developments, as well as individual characteristics of startup success.


Crowdfunding enables a new way to finance innovation, sometimes distant from technology hotbeds. Our research focuses on tools and methods to make the geography of innovation visible, and how machine learning can help to uncover hidden patterns. “What is the science behind the success in crowdfunding”?


Moviegalaxies is the largest database on social networks in movies. Data by Moviegalaxies is being used in computer science lectures, ranging from Stanford to MIT, Science Po, among several other universities. Moviegalaxies helps to uncover “The Hidden Beauty of Movies” and also enables to make predictions about film success, based on movie scripts.


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Harvard University, KIT Karlsruhe, Max Planck Institute, MIT, Stanford University, Technical University Munich (TUM), Bosch, BMW, Daimler, Disney, Facebook, Fraunhofer, Fraunhofer Ventures, German Aerospace Center, German Marshall Fund of the United States, Google, Kickstarter, Miramax, MTV, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, re:publica, TEDMed, The Boston Consulting Group, The Boston Globe, The Federal German Office, The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Warner Bros., among others.


English, German