Jermain C. Kaminski


I’m an innovation economist. In my work, I apply natural language processing, times series analysis, and neural networks on data related to innovation and entrepreneurship. For instance, we ask: How can we predict startup success, venture capital investment trends, and the development of the creative economy, based on crowdfunding data? Or more broadly: How can we structure and explore unstructured data?

I am a researcher at the Technology Entrepreneurship Group at RWTH Aachen University (Christian Hopp) and a recent research fellow at the Macro Connections Group at MIT Media Lab (César A. Hidalgo). With Michael Schober and Oleksandr Zastupailo, I co-created MovieGalaxies, the largest database on character interaction networks within films (Note: The site will be back in Spring 2019. You can download data of the old websites at the Harvard DataVerse).