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    I’m a data scientist and software developer with special interest for data mining, predictive analytics and graph applications. This place is my home in the world wide web. Make yourself comfortable, look around and enjoy your stay!

    I am researcher at the Technology Entrepreneurship Group at RWTH Aachen and a recent research fellow at César Hidalgo’s Macro Connections Group at MIT Media Lab. Michael Schober and me created Moviegalaxies, a data visualization project on social networks in movies. Since recently, I further work on passing networks in soccer and predicting venture capital investments.

    Born in Germany, I studied economics at Witten/Herdecke University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, I conducted research at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. In the past years, I was happy to call Aachen, San Francisco/Mountain View and Cambridge my home. 300-word bio

    What’s New

    2016/09 Presenting at the 4th Crowdinvesting Symposium “Financial Decision Making and the Internet”, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition.

    2016/08 Here is a nice background talk by my friend Mingming Yang on the Higgs boson discovery: From the Discovery of the Higgs boson To the Meaning of Life.

    2016/07 Contributing to the Annual Open and User Innovation Meeting, Harvard Business School, Harvard University, USA.

    2016/07 Looking forward to discuss data science in movies, football and crowdfunding on July 14 2016 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany.

    2016/07 Happy to contribute a session on crowdfunding and data analysis at JOSEPHS, FAU/Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Nuremberg, Germany.

    2016/07 Presenting “New Technology Assessment in Entrepreneurial Financing - Can Crowdfunding Predict Venture Capital Investments?” at the ENTFIN Conference 2016, EMLYON Business School, Lyon, France.

    2016/06 Taking part in Econometrics of Big Data, University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

    2016/06 Thankful for being invited to present the new Moviegalaxies at NetSci and NetSciEd 2016! NetSci 2016, Seoul, South Korea.

    2016/05 The Macro Connections Group released a wonderful new D3plus powered DataUSA.

    2016/05 Contributing “Predicting VC Investments Through Crowdfunding” to re:publica 2016, Berlin, Germany.

    2016/04 Invited to a plenary talk on “Liquid Innovation” at Robert Bosch, Stuttgart Germany.

    2016/03 Deeply thankful to be part of the Marshall Memorial Fellow class of 2016-2017, German Marshall Fund, Washington, USA.

    2016/03 Crowdfunding startup workshop with Fraunhofer Ventures at TU Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany.

    2016/02 Contributed a chapter on our past project “YouMeIBD”to the book Boundaryless Hospital, Springer Publishing.

    2015/12 Moviegalaxies is recently being used by classes at Stanford Computer Science, coursera, edX, and the NetSciEd initiative.

    2015/11 Release of the wonderful “Why Information Grows” by César Hidalgo. Read reviews by Paul Romer, The Economist, and Financial Times.

    2015/11 Teaming up with Christian Hopp on crowdfunding and venture capital at RWTH Technology Entrepreneurship, Aachen, Germany.

    2014/10 Presentation on “Network Complexity in Movies”, Warner Bros., Cambridge, USA.

    2014/10 Contributed to the Complex Networks and Data Visualization Workshop for the Boston Consulting Group, Boston, USA.

    2014/08 Attending YC Hacks, Mountain View, USA. Thanks!

    2014/05 Joining Cesar Hidalgo’s Macro Connections Group at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, USA.